Steps You Need To Do To Recover Post Caesarean

Be patient and give your body the time it takes to recover while doing the following healing steps.

Footsteps and Light Walking

The pain that plagues the caesarean may make you think you can no longer walk. However, strengthen your physical and spirit to try to move your feet and walk lightly. When in bed, try occasionally moving your ankle. The midwife or nurse will usually help the patient to get out of bed and take a light walk around the room as soon as possible after the baby is born within 24 hours.

The faster you wake up and move, the better is also for the smooth circulation of blood. If you do not move to accelerate blood circulation, the possibility of the formation of blood clots will increase and blood clots can be blocked in the legs or lungs, so it can be a serious condition. Try a walk while holding your baby. In addition to preventing constipation and helping your body recover, this activity is also a great start in introducing your baby to the circumstances surrounding him. Apart from that, avoid heavy exercise or lifting weights first.

Managing Emotions Well

It is natural that you experience feelings you did not expect before. Your feelings depend on your expectation before childbirth and the delivery process itself. You may be happy and grateful if you and your baby are okay, and your delivery is in accordance with the plan. You may have the opposite feeling that you actually want to give birth normally, but what happens is having to undergo a caesarean. The feeling may be related to anxiety to medical complications, pain, stress, fatigue due to major surgery, and maternal psychological status.

A study revealed that women who gave birth to a Caesarean less satisfied with their birthing experience. In addition, they also take a longer time to start the first interaction with the baby. Even caesarean delivery mothers tend not to breastfeed their babies when compared to normal mothers. Another study suggests that some women who give birth by caesare have strong feelings of anger, failure, and loss.

Try to manage your emotions well, for example in the following ways.

  • Do not hesitate to express what makes you happy and comfortable to your spouse and your closest person.
  • This is because your psychological condition after a cesarean section can get better if you get attention to your specific needs from those closest to you.
  • If you feel sad, disappointed, or exhausted, do not ignore the feeling. You are encouraged to discuss the feelings of emotion with a partner, friend, doctor, or psychologist.
  • Immediately ask the psychologist if you experience postpartum depression marked by the appearance of negative feelings that do not go away. You can feel sadness, despair, want to continue crying, or have a disturbing mind. In severe cases, a mother may think to harm her baby.

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