9 Phrases That Smart People Avoid

Verbal errors happen by saying things without thinking about their consequences. Do you have a social conscience?

How many times has it happened to us that we say something to a person and the person understands it differently or simply misunderstands it.

The verbal mistakes usually happen to us because we say things without thinking about the consequences that can have.

Understanding this requires social awareness , which is the ability to capture the emotions and experiences of other people.

TalentSmart has tested the emotional intelligence (EQ) of more than a million people and discovered that social awareness is a skill that many of us lack.

This happens because we are so focused on what we are going to say and how they are going to answer us, that we do not pay enough attention to what we can make others feel.

This is a problem because people are complicated. So if we want to understand what is going on in the other’s head, we need to focus all our attention towards our interlocutor.

The advantage of social awareness is that with small adjustments we can greatly modify our relationships with others.

Then I leave you nine sentences that emotionally intelligent people avoid in a casual conversation.

1. “You look tired”

Tired people look unattractive. They have fallen eyes, messy hair, difficulty concentrating and are irritable. Telling someone who looks tired implies all of the above and something else.

Better say: “All right?” Most people who ask this are meant to help. So instead of assuming someone’s status better consult them directly. In this way the person can open and share. And most importantly, instead of looking rude, you’ll be worried.

2. “Wow, you’ve lost a lot of weight!”

Once again a “well-intentioned” comment – in this case a compliment – that seems like a criticism. Telling someone that “he is very thin” suggests that he looked fat or unattractive before.

Better say: “You look amazing.” It’s easy because instead of comparing its appearance earlier than now, you’re just saying a compliment to how well it looks.

3. “You were always too much for him / her anyway”

When someone breaks up with a relationship either personal or professional, this comment implies that they have bad taste and that they made a bad choice.

Better say: “The one that lost was her”. This provides support without the need to appeal to criticism.

4. “It is that you always …” or “is that you never”

Nobody ever or always does something. People do not see themselves in one dimension, so do not define them as such. These phrases cause people to become defensive and repel your message. It’s wrong, because normally when you use these words it’s because you’re going to talk about an important topic, so try to avoid it.

Better say: simply point out what bothered you about the other person. Check the facts. If you do that repetitively and the frequency of this behavior becomes a problem, you can always say, “You do this very often.”

5. “You look amazing for your age”

Any comparison can be rude depending on the way it is said. No one wants to be “too smart for an athlete” or to be in very good condition for someone of a certain age. These types of matches are usually very aggressive because people simply want to be well no matter what age or lifestyle they have.

Better say: “You look very good”. Real compliments do not need qualifications.

6. “As I said before”

We all forget things from time to time and this phrase makes you sound like you are insulted by having to repeat the same thing. For the receiver it is also difficult since he is surely interested in hearing your point of view. Annoying you by having to repeat things suggests that you are an insecure person or that you believe more than others (or both).

Better say: when you have to repeat something, see what you can add to your message to make it more interesting and better for the other person. This way they will not forget.

7. “Good luck”

This is subtle and depends on the tone in which you say it. Obviously it is not the end of the world if you do it, but you can do better because this phrase implies that the person needs good fortune to succeed.

Better say: “I know you can do that” or “you have everything you need”. This is better because you suggest that person has the necessary skills to be successful. Apart you are giving him confidence and you will stand out among all those who are simply wishing him luck.

8. “It depends on you” or “whatever you want”

Maybe the question is indifferent to you, but your opinion is important for the person who is questioning you (if not, I would not have consulted you).

Better say: “I do not have a strong opinion. But I think the things you should consider are … ” When you give your point of view (even if you do not really have a preference) you show that you care about the person who asked you.

9. “At least I never …”

This phrase is a very aggressive way to divert attention from an error you made by pointing out a failure that another person could have made (and that you had to have overcome, by the way).

Better say: “I’m sorry”. Accepting your mistake is the best way to take the conversation to a more rational point so that things turn out well. Admit the guilt of preventing the discussion from growing.

In conclusion, the small details musikji make the difference in daily conversations (like everything in life). Try these suggestions, you will be surprised by the answer you will get.

10 Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

1. A spa session

After a hectic year, full of tasks, slopes and challenges, probably the best thing you could give an entrepreneur is a relaxing spa session. From a traditional one-hour massage to a full day spa (which includes several treatments and access to areas such as swimming pools and saunas) this may be the perfect gift for a stressed and overworked businessman. Prices range from $ 300 to $ 4,000, in exclusive hotels and resorts.

2. A course

Constant learning is one of the great attributes that distinguish entrepreneurs. Investigate the courses or classes that could interest your friend, partner or entrepreneur boss and improve their skills as an entrepreneur (whether related to the business, the turnaround or with a specific area of ​​the company). Another option is to give a coupon to take a course of some recreational activity or entertainment, such as flying, sports or crafts.

3. Formal shoes

A good pair of Oxford dress shoes is an excellent gift for any entrepreneur who likes to be presentable for the office or a business meeting. According to an American magazine, the quality of the shoes usually reveals how much a man respects himself.

4. Mini tablet

Many entrepreneurs are lovers of gadgets, especially because they find them important allies in daily work and increased productivity. One of the most popular devices of this season are mini tablets, which have practically the same characteristics as traditional tablets but with better portability and a lower price.

There are several models on the market such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire (ideal for those who like to download and read books), Google’s Nexus, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Apple’s iPad mini. The price of these gadgets are around $ 200 dollars.

5. Instant coffee machine

Especially in the first months of business and at home, the entrepreneur spends long days of work and sleepless nights to achieve the expected results or take care of the children. For these sleepless entrepreneurs who sleep little, coffee is one of their best companions because, in addition, it stimulates memory and attention.

For that reason, for them one of the best gifts could be a machine that prepares rich coffee instantly. You can find from the French fashion press (prepare stronger coffee and also tea), or the modern machines of Nespresso or Dolce Gusto with which it is possible to prepare delicious coffees in less than five minutes.

6. Books

One of the gifts that never go out of style is books. Why? Because in addition to being useful and providing knowledge, they are personal gifts and good taste. From novels to texts of motivation and personal improvement, the options are endless. A good idea is to give away books related to the industry in which the person works, especially if they are of collection or first editions.

7. Smartwatch

If your friend or entrepreneurial partner loves technology, consider giving him a smart watch that accompanies him throughout the day. Take into account that if you like to exercise, these devices have attractive and special features for athletes. In addition, you can receive emails, messages, save your music, among other features depending on the model. You can bet on the Pebble, Sony Smartwatch, Galaxy Gear, Apple, and so on.

8. Hearing aids

Maybe it does not apply in the case of all entrepreneurs, but most of them like to listen to good music on their mp3 or even on their computer. A good sound equipment is never in abundance, either for family reunions or for the simple fact of wanting to have the best. The Bose brand offers a wide variety of products from headphones to iPod speakers; while the Beats are recognized in the market for their quality. It is a gift that will last you a long time and with which you will enjoy your favorite music.

9. Roaster

A good roast meat likes almost anyone and more if it is in the company of friends and family. Give him the pretext to organize meetings with a professional grill in which he brings out his experience as a chef. It is recommended that the material with which they are made be stainless steel, because it is resistant to climate changes, allows easy cleaning, provides greater durability and prevents corrosion, both by heat and use.

10. An extreme experience

Pulling on a parachute, bungee jumping or rappelling is definitely not for everyone, but there is no doubt that these extreme activities release large amounts of adrenaline and endorphins. For stressed-out entrepreneurs or those who had a difficult year (the vast majority), this type of experience is very liberating, making it an excellent gift for this omdimas.com season.

10 Things That Will Make You A Safer Person

There are actions that you can take every day that will increase your self-confidence almost without you noticing.

You do not have to be bright or intelligent, not even be aware of a topic or have an enviable knowledge to reach the top. Sometimes, the only thing that matters is safety : to affirm with integrity, to stare into the eyes and speak with a stunning conviction – even if it is a truism – that is the magic formula for success and the current rulers are the better example of it.

It is hardly necessary to spin a couple of sentences not very elaborate to aspire to public positions, to break through in the world of business or be recognized as an intellectual. The ability to solve problems, think critically and partially understand the world seems undesirable in the present. Safety and the ability to relate are a precious asset today. A stamp of conviction and firmness is enough to shout to the world that it is the time of the triumph of appearance and the emptiness before the complexity of the depth.

Despite not being the most important, security is essential to get anywhere. It is necessary to be convinced of one’s own abilities and not to minimize the achievements to put aside those who, after a certain appearance, fall apart in the face of reality.

If you are willing to reverse this situation you need security and authenticity to back it up, not a team of assistants, writers, headphones or a teleprompter . Trust in you and put into practice these ten habits that will grow your conviction of everything you are capable of:


You will always have a different perspective if you read. Whether literature, scientific dissemination topics or specialized magazines, each article will broaden your perspective and give you a broader view of the world. There will be no issue for which you need an opinion and you will feel confident and at the level to have a deep conversation with anyone.

stay informed

Knowing about world events will reinforce your opinion when you talk about any topic or express yourself in front of others. You do not need to be aware of each news, just strive to be aware of what happens in your environment and increase your security aware of the facts.

Accept your mistakes

Life is a path full of learning and falls. Do not be mortified by your faults and instead of magnifying them, accept them in their correct dimension. There is no way to learn to run without stumbling again and again, the only way to do it is to accept mistakes, keep them in mind and build on them to free them.

Be kind

Do not let your insecurity affect your personal, work and social relationships. Being kind is not a sign of weakness, but a practice that you must carry out so that others recognize you as such and treat you in the same way.

Forget the appearances

Give up all pretense of appearing to be someone other than who you really are. Trying to change in search of social acceptance or a different profile will only lead to greater insecurity in the face of a behavior that prevents you from being yourself. Do not seek the recognition of others or strive to please someone if to make it appear to be someone else.

Get your strengths afloat

Concentrate on activities where you stand out from the rest and practice constantly. If you make this a habit and you strive in what you are most passionate about, you will soon become an expert. Whether playing an instrument, playing a sport or any type of hobby, you will have enough authority to know that you are better than most people and you will gain self-esteem and safety.

Focus on your weaknesses

Do not just invest time in your strengths, also work with your weaknesses: if you are a lousy speaker and you are ashamed to speak in public, practice expressing your opinion on any topic with family and friends. If you have problems for empathy, forget about appearances and learn to be yourself. Face increasing challenges until you achieve what you previously thought impossible.

do exercise

The body is the vehicle of consciousness and as such, it is an essential part of the first impression that defines who you are before others. Keeping it in an optimal state is not only essential for health, but also for self-esteem and the vision you have of yourself. You do not need a gym or large sums of money, just the will to start exercising, one step at a time until you achieve it.

Travel alone

A magic formula to reencounter yourself, connect your feelings and rethink your present is to travel alone. Venture to discover a distant place with no other company than yourself. Evaluate the aspects that you approve of your life and think about how to change those that do not satisfy you. Find the balance in your internal dialogue and learn from the positive side of loneliness, that will give you the confidence to face the future safely.

Face your fears

There is no more: the only way to overcome fears is to face them. Force yourself out of your comfort zone and experience uncontrolled situations as you recognize where your anxiety comes from. Relax and open your mind to discover that behind all great fear, there is an insecurity that can be overcome and possibly has its origin in a misconception of reality.

Security is built day by day, in every action, however insignificant it may seem, and each relationship between a couple, work or family. An essential part to build your confidence is what you wear. Make sure it is comfortable and that it makes you feel at peace with you. Forget complexes and learn to value who you are.